PET SHOP bon ami

BUEN AMIGO PET SHOP is an international company with presence in Europe and China. Our firm is a leader in the sector of products aimed at pets, with a regional office in Spain since 2007.

The aim of the campaign is to satisfy needs for food, hygiene, care and articles aimed at pets.

Our Brands are present throughout a network of partners in over 5000 shops selling products for pets, having obtained the highest level of recognition.

We have a logistics centre with supplies every country in the European Union and which meets the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently.

We are constantly committed to progress and we therefore have a Research and Development (R&D) Department through which we provide ongoing improvement of the design and quality of our products. From our offices in Shanghai, a team made up of engineers, designers and creators work permanently on the requests received by our customers, which leads to ongoing development of new products.

Our products are duly protected internationally by means of registered Designs, Patents and Trademarks, which endorse the quality of those products.

We are currently expanding our Brand into the American Market by developing new infrastructures for creating branches in the US and Latin America.